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Hilton Head Island, SC

Our purpose is to have great fun riding bicycles on Hilton Head Island, the surrounding lowcountry and coastal Georgia. Along the way we expect to get some exercise, enjoy the scenery and make good friends. These social rides are followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant.

On Thursday mornings we start riding at 10:00 a.m. sharp. Please arrive by 9:45 a.m. to unload your bike.  We ride a distance of 10 - 14 miles at an average speed of 9 - 11 mph. It is important for you to maintain your speed within this range.

A rider needs some means of transporting the bicycle to and from the parking location such as a bike rack, SUV or ride your bike if nearby. See the Links page for some bike rack ideas.

A rider is expected to wear a helmet for safety reasons.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and see the Ride Calendar and Ride Statistics for more information.

See the new Ride Calendar for the 2015 Spring Session!

New Policies

The Ride Leaders held a Club business meeting in November, 2014 and voted to adopt several new policies that will become effective February 1, 2015:

  • There is a new Membership Application form that includes a release/waiver.  The release/waver must be signed (one time) by each member and guest. lab logo
  • The Club has purchased general liability insurance coverage through the League of American Bicyclists that covers all members and guests.
  • Annual dues of $10.00 per person per year to cover the insurance premium, website and other minor expenses.  Dues expire each January 31.
  • The Club Membership roster has two categories: Leaders and Riders (Guests riding for the first time in a five month session are not yet Club Members).
  • A Leader has the option to set a maximum number for the ride.  If the maximum number is exceeded, Leaders have 1st priority, Riders have 2nd priority and Guests have 3rd priority.
  • Riders are encouraged become Leaders by planning and leading a ride.
  • The Club created a Treasurer position. The Treasurer collects the Membership Applications, dues and pays any bills.

Membership Attributes Summary Guest Rider Leader
Riding with Club for the first time this Session* ü n/a n/a
Signs a release/waiver (once) ü ü ü
Covered by insurance ü ü ü
Club Member (see New Application Form) ü ü
E-mail distribution list ü ü
Pays Dues @ $10.00 per person per year ü ü
Has a vote at Club business meeting ü
RSVP priority if maximum exceeded** 3rd 2nd 1st
* A Session is the 5 month period used for Ride Calendar planning
** A Leader has the option to set a maximum number for the ride

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